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"Creating Opportunities To Improve The Quality Of Life Of Families"

The demands of juggling personal, professional and family obligations combined with a rapid changing world have made parenting  and marital  affairs a very difficult, complex and often exhausting task to deal with in our contemporary society. In addition to this, the economic  instability puts lots of financial restraint on families leading to both parents to work to accomplish economical stability of the family. Other social problems such as theft and criminal behaviour, learning disorders, anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug abuse (Particularly associated with mental illness), loneliness, suicide or self-harming, etc., put forward multiple challenges to parents.

Couples spend very little time at home and thousands of children and youth are left to raise themselves through media especially the Television. The younger generation today is exposed to excessive violence, sex and a total lack of decency and morals which have  invaded our homes. The youth are confused and no longer able to differentiate right from wrong.  As such, moral degradation  is  now common and perceived as ‘normal’. Because of all these ungodly pressures, the conscience of our youth are blunted, so they love to follow the impulses of their flesh and have become  totally insensitive to the ways of God.

World leaders and top politicians we look up to, to serve as a shining example for us to follow suit are redefining morality and side-lining the moral laws of God that protect families. If this world and its values are causing our homes to fall apart, where do we start from?

Years a ago the home was a place of refuge and security. Down through the centuries it has been a haven of stability. The home was a place to which people could flee from trials, troubles and difficulties of life. Home has been a traditional place of warm, loving embraces and hugs, producing a sense of well-being and family togetherness. Regrettably, our homes in this modern world have changed to a battlefield. Words like abuse, conflict, anger and hostility are a common place when describing the home.

Truly, great men and women are home-made; criminals are also home-made. As a result, It is imperative to make it known that  the ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people. Family life determines the health of the home, the health of the church, the health of the community and the health of the nation.

We should do everything we can to win the souls of those most precious to us, especially the members of our own family. Jesus told His disciples to evangelize the world (Mt. 28:19, 20; Mk. 16:15, 16), but He also told them to begin right where they were, at home in Jerusalem (Lk. 24:47; Acts 1:8). Because of their proximity and because of the special concern we have for them, members of our own circle of family and friends are the natural ones with whom to begin sharing the gospel. In the Old Testament, parents were required to diligently teach the Lord's commands to their children (Deut. 6:4).

Parents need to take a clear stand to proclaim the everlasting Gospel of Christ Jesus without fear and ensure they do their utmost best to teach their children to follow suit. True evangelism starts from home before it extends to the church. Families have divine responsibility as ambassadors of Christ Jesus to embark on personal ministries in their various communities to speed up the proclamation of the Gospel

With the knowledge of these therefore, families will be better off to seek ways of responding adequately to these challenges so as to maintain proper home and family life affairs where God is our ‘All in All’.

Parentsheart (Gospel Event Organisers) with its affiliate Marriage4ever (Formally Young Couples Association) seek to tackle these challenges by God’s centred approach, starting from the root and the foundation of the worlds’ upbringing-Home!.