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"Creating Opportunities To Improve The Quality Of Life Of Families"

Parentsheart was birthed by Rolf N. Oppong. It was made known through emails and telephone conversations on the 16th of July 2013.  

Parentsheart missionary movement was actively started in 2014 by like-minded young professionals across the globe through online (Skype) Bible studies. 

Our first two (2) days inaugural seminar  with the  theme; “Excellence In Real Life” (Facing Difficult Issues of Life) was held in partnership with  Eaglesonline on the 31st July to 1st August 2015. 

Our keynote international speaker was Dr. Samuel Koranteng-Pipim. 

We also featured so  many multicultural musicians to perform at the seminar and the programme was successful. 

Parentsheart was established by Rolf N. Oppong (Founder), Yaw Heiser (Key Member) and Varun Kumar.